Story topic selection

Thesis statement:

Across Nevada, tens of thousands of white PVC pipes have marked mining claims for decades. Scientists have confirmed that these pipes spell certain doom for cavity-nesting birds, who enter these pipes in search of a cozy place to nest and become trapped. In May, the Nevada State Legislature passed a law prohibiting the pipes use as mining claim markers and mandating their removal. The law goes into effect in November, and anyone finding the PVC markers can pull them out. What effect will this law have on both bird populations and miners?

Jot outline:

Points of the legislation

How do the PVC pipes kill the birds?

How many birds and what types have been effected? How many birds have died?

Talk to scientists about the larger impact of these bird deaths.

What about abandoned mine claims? How many are out there?

Background on how mine claims work.

Effects on mine claim owners?

Cost of removal?

Will mine owners really replace PVC posts by November?

Talk to hikers, hunters who will remove PVC markers. Do they care?


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