The Social Journalist: Anjeanette Damon

As political reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, political analyst for KRNV News 4 and host of To the Point, Anjeanette Damon uses Twitter in strategic, relationship-building ways.

“I use it to share my work in the Sun and on my television program,” Damon said via Facebook message. “I use it to share other people’s work that I find interesting, or that I think my Twitter audience would find interesting. I often use it to break news, John Ensign resigning, for example.”

Damon follows 559 feeds and has 2,088 followers. She primarily follows news reporters, media, politicians and political groups. Damon said she uses Tweetdeck to organize state press, national press, campaign staff, candidates and specific hashtags such as #nvleg during the legislative session.

“Twitter was key during the session,” she said. “It allows you to basically be in five places at once, different committee hearings, etc., just by following the right people.”

Twitter also provides Damon an opportunity to interact with her readers and viewers. “I can tell what they think is interesting. … I also use it to generate story ideas.”

Damon calls Twitter “a pretty democratic medium.”

“There are several political activists who use Twitter pretty effectively to brow beat politicians, and even reporters.”

In the micro-blog sense, Twitter provides a space to report information that isn’t big enough to make a news story, but is important enough to get to the public.

“I’ve found that Twitter has almost replaced what I used to do on my blog,” she said.

Damon also uses Twitter to compliment fellow journalists. On Sept. 17, Damon tweeted: “Amazing RGJ coverage of air races crash by newsroom already exhausted by the Carson shooting. Proud of Bellisle, Duggan, Mullen and all.”

Twitter also provides a venue for quirky photos, i.e. assemblyman asleep during session.

“It’s amazing how much Twitter has grown in just the last 18 months,” Damon said. “It’s become a pretty integral tool for how I do my job.”


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