PVC posts: Expanded outline

Thesis statement:

Cavity-nesting birds are dying by the thousands in PVC pipe mine claim markers across Nevada. Now the work comes to remove these death traps from the landscape.


I. Describe the scene of a hiker in Nevada and the vast expanse of desolate, sagebrush covered hills going for miles and miles. See nestled amid the sagebrush a white PVC post. Then spot another post, and another and another. Pull one up to see if there are dead birds

II. Explain how the pipes are death traps for cavity nesting birds, bees, lizards. Birds will die in these pipes until the pipe is removed from the ground or the hollow cavity fills up with bird carcasses

A. This includes the Mountain Blue Bird, Nevada’s state bird.

B. There are estimates of up to 4 million PVC pipes across Nevada

C. One pipe was found to contain 16 dead birds

D. Impact of these pipes on wildlife into the future

III. Points of the new legislation

A. All PVC mine claim markers should be re-monumented by now.

B. Markers can be pulled up now and are to be laid down on the ground at the site.

C. Previously it was illegal to disturb mine claim markers.

D. Summary of why it took so long to get this legislation passed.

III. How do the PVC pipes kill the birds?

A. Specifics on how many birds and what types have been affected? How many birds have died?

B. Talk to scientists about the larger impact of these bird, bee and lizard deaths on the ecosystem, including how it impacts humans.

C. It isn’t just PVC pipes in Nevada. One-end-open pipes are a problem everywhere. In California its irrigation pipes that are a big problem.

IV. How mine claims work

A. Most of the posts out there are from the thousands of abandoned mine claims.

B. No responsibility for mine claim holders to clean up after abandoning a claim.

V. How the PVC markers will get pulled up

A. Lahontan Audubon Society post pull hikes

B. Talk to hikers, hunters who will remove PVC markers.

VI. Next someone will have to go eventually and pick up all these PVC pipes left rolling round in the hills. Ali Chaney’s knowing quote about that being someone else’s battle.


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