Untalented [and unemployed] Genius

How does it feel to be unemployed year after year? One man’s journey …

Sept. 8, 2005  Looking for Work in all the Wrong Places  Am I the only one who absolutely detests looking for work? Tell me I’m not alone!

For me, having a job, especially one that I really, really enjoy (yes, there are jobs out there that are enjoyable and profitable – mentally, emotionally and financially) is an awesome experience – being involved in productive achievement, doing a job with excellence, not matter what the job, is a major part of what makes a life worthy of existence – but I can’t seem to get over the feeling of absolute abhorrence whenever I have to look for work.

I am a teacher – or at least I was Nevada certified to be a teacher; I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Education in 1998 from UNR (University of Nevada, Reno); I majored in English Literature and minored in Child Psychology and Adolescent Development. I no longer teach in the classroom – after two years of teaching 7th and 8th grade students who didn’t care to learn and parents who cared even less, along with very uptight and apathetic school leaders, I ran to the nearest exit and have never returned.

I am still a teacher and a very good one; I prefer being a private tutor, teaching kids one on one or in small groups of 3 or 4, with students and parents that care and are motivated towards achievement, excellence and actual accomplishment rather than just feeling good about trying even when they fail to achieve their goals. But I don’t tutor to make a living; I do it for the love of teaching.

I have, for the past year and a half, been working as a temp for several of the local Reno, Nevada temp agencies and I have enjoyed the experience. I have met and worked with some very good, responsible, productive achievement oriented people and for some very good companies. I enjoy not having to worry about doing the interview and application thing, and I like just stepping into a job on the fly and learning as I go.

But now, my girlfriend and I want to buy a home – both of us have always rented and the journey towards home ownership requires a steady job and reliable work history; my girlfriend has this covered, but I don’t. Even though I have had only a few days in total over the last year and a half that I have not worked, to a lender and an underwriter, temp work is temp work and not considered stable employment.

So here I am getting ready to do the “looking for a job thing” and not looking forward to it – the whole process of interviewing and filling out applications (even if it’s on the internet) is just a major pain in the ass.

I like to work, I like to achieve and produce, and I love pursuing my absolute best, but the looking and searching and being under a microscope – not liking it at all.

Wish me luck.

Sept. 11, 2005  I’m thinking of returning to school – I have my BA in Education and I’m now finding myself fascinated with business, finances, accounting … a masters in business, maybe; I’m also, with my minor in child psychology, thinking maybe a masters in family therapy; we’ll see. Time to go…it’s late and time for bed. I have to do the “looking for work dance” again tomorrow.

July 5, 2006  Where to start, now that I’ve gained enough breath to blog again? Should I discuss how, four weeks ago, our one and only vehicle decided to spring a leak, via a cracked radiator and how we then spent $300 to get it fixed, along with $500 on a new fuel pump? Or how, less than a week after getting it back from our mechanic, the water pump decided to take a dive for another $300 in repairs? Or should I discuss how, three weeks ago, our newest kitty cat (10 months old) decide to stop eating and drinking, along with not urinating or doing the crap dance, and how she spent a weekend at the emergency vet, and then a week with our regular vet undergoing x-rays, ultra sounds, exploratory surgery and a kidney biopsy, with nothing wrong to be found? $1500 plus spent on our little kitty cat and she is now back at home, doing just fine, with a feeding tube hole in her neck healing quite nicely. Or should I tell you about how, a few days ago, on the 14th day birthday of our new car, some inattentive old lady bitch rear-ended us and our nice little car, putting a rather ugly dent in the left rear bumper and the left side of the hatch back panel, along with obliterating the right rear tail light? How’s everyone else doing these days?

Dec. 11, 2007  I’m off to my 10 am interview, wish me luck … oh yeah, by the way, I’m once again unemployed (temp assignment ended, as we know, and it turns out that the Real Estate agent I went to work for is a complete unorganized mess of a bitch…more later …

Sept. 16, 2010  I decided three weeks ago to take my sister up on her offer to come live with her and look for work in the the Santa Rosa, California area. Why not?  I figured I could just as easily be a lazy, non-accomplishing unemployed failure in California as I could in Nevada. … On the bright side of things, my sister has unlimited Netflix access.

Jan. 7, 2011  I’m 46 and I’m living at home with my mom and step dad.  I’ve been unemployed for almost two years and I’m working my ass off trying to build myself a new life, one with a good job, one with a successful business, and all of it so that I can earn my own way. This is my life. My life at 46.  If I was a photograph, this would be life within the frame, a frozen moment or captured time, but not the whole story.  Just the instant of time when the shutter closes. The view in front of the lens always changes and the story always moves on.  Life is always in motion. I’m not always happy about my situation, and I’m not very proud of where I am at the moment.  I’m not in the least bit proud of the poor financial choices and career decisions that have created the life that I have now.

July 9, 2011  Time just fucking flies when you’re trying to financially survive!!!   Can’t believe that it’s been exactly six months since my last blog entry and I do believe I was swearing then, too.   Fair warning for anyone new to my blog; swearing is a fairly common occurrence in my world.

Not much has changed, living conditions and finances wise.  I’m still living at home with my mom and step dad, still sort of unemployed, although I am currently working a temp gig with the wonderful County of Washoe in Reno, NV.   And I’m actually not saying that sarcastically, like I normally would be doing when talking about government and government workers.  I really like the people I’m working with and I actually like, for the most part, the work I’m doing.

I’ve been working out regularly for the past four months and I’ve lost fourteen ish pounds.  I’m up to forty minutes at level two on the StairMaster, which is damn good considering when I started four months ago I could barley do ten minutes at level one.

I read an absolutely amazing book on business a few months ago (I’ve actually read it five times in the past few months) called “Crush It“, by Gary Vaynerchuk.  It’s all about following your passion online and the money will follow.   It was life changing for me, and if you have even an ounce of entrepreneur in you, this book is a must read, especially for those of us into all the online business stuff.   This book is amazing, at least it was for me.

As a result, I finally got over my fear and launched my Dog Blog, Awesome Canines, something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but just didn’t know how and didn’t have the guts to take the leap of faith.

I figured July is my birthday month, so why the hell not.  Happy birthday to me.  Hot summer days without a snowflake or ice crystal in sight – now that’s a perfect time for a new business and personal start!  So much better than January, when it’s all bitter cold and crap.

Wish me luck.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need all that I can get …

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5 thoughts on “Untalented [and unemployed] Genius

  1. Laura,
    I love the angle you took taking one man’s journey with unemployment through his personal writings on his blog. I would recommend possibly inserting a intro paragraph on who Jon is before leading into his posts just to give the reader some context. Nice use of graphs 🙂

    • I agree with godbeywithyou. If you set it up, it’ll make it easier to read and comment… A short timeline with highlights at the top (with short cuts to the blogs postings) could be a good way to get the reader interested in commenting.

  2. Nice work! I feel bad for this guy but he’s not doing himself any favors by ranting ;). The only thing I would like to see is an intro from you telling us about how you found him.

  3. Hi Laura, I agree with Dana and Kaitlin about the intro. Since I did not get to read this story in our “passing papers around” in class, I found this chronology fascinating. It was saddening to see how bitter he was becoming, and then he seems to find some hope in the last posting. This form of presentation was more powerful, because it was in his own words – rather than being told in the third person or just presenting data. Good creative way to present a story!

  4. I love the angle you took, it was very reliable to see his frustration as the months and years went by. I agree with the rest a little intro into who he is would great. I also really like the graphs along the way, you can track what the economy was like during each blog post. Perhaps you could circle the areas on the graphs where the blog posts happen? Nice job!

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